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Mobile Blasting & Epoxy Priming Service

NJ Dustless Blasting offers mobile service to all of New Jersey, and drop-off is also available at our Stirling location.

  • Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Concrete, Stone & Brick

  • Line Strip & Curb Paint

  • Powder Coat Removal

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Fleet Vehicles

  • Steel & Metals

  • Fire Restoration

  • Boats

  • Antiques

  • Epoxy Priming

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Dustless for your health.

Other blasting methods will create dust particles floating around the air for days and contaminating everything it falls upon.  


Dustless blasting is perfect for those looking for results without the risk of incurred respiratory issues.

Effective results with clean air, dustless is the simply the best choice to get the job done.

Results like MAGIC!

There are so many applications and possibilities for our dustless blasting services.

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